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The Williamsons

The Williamson Family began singing and evangelizing in 1969. While the ministry never totally ceased it did slow down for several years while education and business interests were pursued. In 1998 Donnie kicked things back in high gear, first calling the reorganized ministry The Homesteaders Quartet. In 2008 the ministry returned to using the family name, The Williamsons.

Since that time the group has received many awards and award nominations and top charting songs. The group feels honored and humbled by such prestigious recognitions from their peers; however, that is not what they are about. Since the very beginning the focus of this ministry has been to win the lost to Christ and help hurting Christians see their needs met.
The Williamsons have never quoted a mandatory fee to a church as a requirement for them to minister (although some churches have requested one). This has been made possible by Donnie underwriting the group expenses through his businesses. However, things there are about to change. He is in the process of selling his business interests to devote even more time to the ministry. Those funds will no longer be available.

The Williamsons want to remain free to minister without requiring a “flat”. They do not fault other ministries who do. They, perhaps better that most, understand the tremendous amount of money it takes to stay on the road. To do this they will need your help.  There are several areas in which you can help the Williamsons continue. Please check these out:

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