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The Williamsons



Darin was born in New Orleans, LA. As a teenager he heard The Stamps Quartet singing on Elvis from Hawaii. He was particularly intrigued by the bass singer, Mr. J.D. Sumner. He asked his father to help him buy a sound system, and found some other boys in his school who were willing to sing Gospel music. Naturally, he sang the bass part.

While still in high school, Darin began singing with some locally well-known Gospel groups in the Oak Grove, LA, area. He began gaining the attention of fans with his quickly-developing rich bass voice. He joined The Williamsons during the last semester of his senior year in Oak Grove, fulfilling his dream of singing Gospel music full-time. While still in his teens he was promoted as "the lowest teenage bass singer in Gospel music." That fact was never disputed.

Mr. Harold Gilley, one of Gospel music's all-time best bass singers, discovered Darin and took a special interest in him and made two trips to Oklahoma to work with him. He states that, in his opinion, Darin is one of the finest young bass singers in the field. Darin will forever treasure the time spent with Mr. Gilley as he went home to be with the Lord July 2, 2013.

Darin married his high school sweetheart, Kallie Berndt, on Sept. 20, 2008. They now reside just outside of Weleetka, OK. On July 29, 2009, God blessed them with a precious baby boy, Patrick Brian Hebert, who is definitely the love of their lives!

"Darin has a cut, tone and range that rivals any bass singer in Southern Gospel Music." Les Butler, Butler Music Group