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The Williamsons



Darin is fine Christian man who also happens to be one of the lowest bass singers in the country. He was born in New Orleans, LA and began singing in local groups as a teenager. As a senior in Oak Grove High School, Darin caught the attention of The Williamsons with his immense talent and rich voice. He joined the group just before he graduated high school in 2006 and has been with them ever since. Darin has always had a passion for singing southern gospel music. He also has an unquenched desire to be the very best he can at his craft. He is always eager to listen to the great bass singers who have made their mark on this industry. As a result of this pursuit many of his bass-singing heroes have become friends. He always adds an exciting element to each program with his low voice and wittiness.

Darin married his high school sweetheart, Kallie Berndt, in 2008. God has blessed them with two amazing children, a son Patrick and a daughter Emaleigh. His family is the center of his world. They now live outside of Weleetka, OK.