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The Williamsons


Donnie is a member of the original Williamson Family. The family group was formed when Donnie was only 12 years old so music has always been an integral part of his life. He began singing and playing the piano and bass guitar as a young man. He got his start in the southern gospel industry straight out of high school playing piano for The Antone Indian Family. In the 1980s, he formed a trio called The Seekers with long time best friends, Rick and Rita Climer. In 1998, Donnie felt called to renew the ministry of The Williamson Family. This group, today known as The Williamsons, is a direct result of that call.

For the majority of his life he has been involved in ministry in some way, whether singing, preaching, or playing piano. Like his father, Donnie is an ordained minister. He has served as pastor, but feels that the evangelistic field is where he truly belongs.

Donnie sings baritone for The Williamsons, serves as emcee, and lends his piano skills to each service. His heart for reaching the lost is evident in every service. When at home in Wetumka, OK, Donnie enjoys family time with his wife Lisa and their girls, Sadie and Olivia. Donnie also loves spending time with his son Casey and his lovely wife, Christine.