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If you are able to help with our filler up club simply click the button listed here. The Filler Up Club is simply that you help keep our bus rolling for one wee with a one time donation of $500.  It helps our ministry very much with this expense taken care of by you. THANK YOU IN advance for your support of our ministry.

Prayer Team - Filler UP CLUB

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Fill-‘er-Up Club: This is an idea that Donnie came up with – probably since he personally has provided most of the fuel cost for The Williamsons travels over the years. He needs 50 people to take his spot. He has figured that if only fifty people from around the country would agree to fill up The Williamsons’ bus one time a year that would pretty much provide their fuel for the entire year. A few have already committed to do this when their tax-exempt status was in place – and now it is! For more information click here:

$500 One Time Gift 



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