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Lisa Chesser Williamson is one of the best female singers today. Her voice is extremely well-suited to the industry sound that makes Southern Gospel unique—flexible and smooth, but not piercing. Debra Talley of The Talleys was once overheard saying, "Lisa is one of my favorite female vocalists. Probably in the top five"! She is also a gifted writer. Her songs are well-thought out, balanced and singable, structured in a way that not only meets, but exceeds the standards of contemporary Southern Gospel songwriting at its best. Ronnie Hinson (of The Hinsons and writer of "The Lighthouse") once said that Lisa was one of the finest young songwriters he had been privileged to meet. She penned the Kingsmen single "I'm Ready to Go," which charted at number six in the nation according to The Singing News, and made the Top 25 songs for the year. She and Donnie have written many other songs that have been recorded by The Williamsons, as well as Gold City, the Forgiven Trio, The Kingsmen and others. Lisa is also the writer of the Williamson's current Top 10 hit, "It Was The Word".

In addition to singing and writing, Lisa is the main sound engineer for Homestead Studio, a full-service recording facility operated by The Williamsons that serves many Gospel artists, especially those from the Midwest.

​Donnie and Lisa have two beautiful daughters, Sadie and Olivia. The girls travel everywhere with them and often make a special appearance on stage! Donnie also has a grown son, Casey, who now attends college on a full ride academic scholarship.