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Give Them Jesus

  1. Give Them Jesus
  2. If This Altar Could Talk
  3. For My Good
  4. Gravestone
  5. Red
  6. Jesus, What A Wonderful Name
  7. Every Moment, Every Mountain, Every Mile
  8. What Calvary Says
  9. He's Here For Me
  10. Robes of Pure White
  11. He's Leading The Way
  12. ​The Message of His Coming

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Tell Somebody

1.   It Was The Word

2.   That's What I'm Talking About

3.  All Our Hope

4.  Shout

5.  Monday

6.  He Lived To Tell It

7.  No Umbrellas

8.  I Laid It All Down

9.  Healing For The Hurting

10. I've Got To Tell Somebody

11. While The Ages Roll

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The Williamsons